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Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis, Antoine Bethea meet with media at 49ers facility

The San Francisco 49ers are back at the offseason workout program, and that means we get some media availability. We got some good back and forth on Friday.

The San Francisco 49ers put together an impromptu media session on Friday, and four team leaders were on hand. Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis and Antoine Bethea all grabbed a seat in the media workroom, and answered a variety of questions.

The picture above is from the session, and as it would indicate, things were pretty relaxed. Kap got the most questions, covering primarily his mechanics adjustments down in Arizona. That led to one of the more interesting quotations from VD. He said he started working with Kap on Thursday, but when he first saw Kap throwing this week, he did not initially recognize the quarterback. He talked about changes in his drop-back and throwing motion. Vernon is prone to a little bit of exaggeration, but Kap did acknowledge that there has been quite a bit of change.

There were multiple questions about the changes, and at one point, Jim Tomsula stepped in. He wanted to make it clear that Kap was not broken heading into the offseason, and that this was about improving an already strong product. Tomsula has always been viewed as a player's coach, and it was quite clear that remains the case as head coach. He talked up all three players, and was genuinely his usual optimistic self.

Tomsula was asked about Justin Smith as well. Tomsula said he spoke with Smith a week ago, but he is still considering his decision. Once again, Tomsula said he would give Smith all the time and space he needs.

Antoine Bethea got the fewest questions, but did have a chance to talk about the recent retirements, as well as changes on the defensive side of the ball. In regard to the Patrick Willis and Chris Borland retirements, Bethea said that just put things in a little more perspective about how short a career can be. In regard to all the changes at cornerback, he pointed to the changes last year, and said things will work out fine. I'm guessing we'll get a better handle on how much of that was Trent Baalke's eye for cornerback talent, and how much was Ed Donatell and Vic Fangio.

This press conference was fairly unique, at least compared to the last few years. I don't ever recall something quite so casual. Additionally, Tomsula was much more open in his discussion with the media. During Jim Harbaugh's four years, he would get into plenty of back-and-forth, but getting any kind of information was like pulling teeth. Tomsula did not give away any state secrets, but he was willing to give some bits of info. This could make for more interesting press conferences in the fall. We won't get the same random historic quotations, or Harbaugh-isms, but we might actually learn a little more about the on-field product.

Hopefully will have some video later today. I'll drop a link in if they do.