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Video from 49ers offseason workout program, Week 1

The San Francisco 49ers are back at the offseason workout program, with one week officially complete. The team is doing strength and conditioning work, with injured players continuing their rehab.

The video above was provided by the staff. We don't see a lot of football specific work, but it is good to see guys like Kendall Hunter and Brandon Thomas working with the rest of the players on regular drills. It is possible they are still doing some rehab work as well, but Hunter in particularly looked good doing some cutting work. James Brady will have more on that in a bit.

The 49ers had a brief media session on Friday, in which Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis and Antoine Bethea answered questions. You can read the transcript HERE. We'll hopefully have more media session transcripts, and of course more video in the coming weeks. The 49ers did also send some pictures along. I'll be creating a gallery of those in the next day or two.

This isn't exactly real football, but in the desert of the offseason, it's a nice little oasis!