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Photos from Week 1 of the San Francisco 49ers offseason workout program

Check out what went down during the first week of the San Francisco 49ers offseason workout program.

The San Francisco 49ers are a week into their offseason workout program, and the team sent out some media. On Saturday, I posted some video from the program. Today, we're back with a gallery of pictures, courtesy of They are not going to tell us much of anything other than who was out there this past week. But it is the closest we have come to 49ers football pictures since Week 17 of the 2014 regular season. I think I am fine with that.

One thing I do like is that early on we see a picture of Ahmad Brooks. Vic Fangio called him out in training camp, and ideally he comes back with a strong year. He has to know this is probably his last year with the team, so I actually could see him coming in with a little extra motivation. He is an incredibly talented player, so if he can get focused this year, I would not be surprised if we saw some good things.