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Will San Diego Chargers trade Philip Rivers to Tennessee Titans in deal to draft Marcus Mariota?

The 2015 NFL Draft will feature plenty of trades. Will they start as high as the No. 2 pick?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

We spend most of our time in the lead up to the 2015 NFL Draft discussing the San Francisco 49ers, but there are plenty of other interesting storylines out there. Jameis Winston seems all but assured of going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Dante Fowler says he would be stunned if the Jacksonville Jaguars passed on him at No. 3.

Things could get interesting in between those two, however. Assuming Winston goes first, the Tennessee Titans have a decision to make with that No. 2 pick. They have Zach Mettenberger, but Marcus Mariota could very well be a better long-term answer at quarterback. Do the Titans draft Mariota, draft somebody else, or trade the pick?

Rumors have started circulating that the Titans might try and do a deal with the San Diego Chargers for Philip Rivers. The belief is the Chargers would then use that pick to select Marcus Mariota and begin the process of moving past Rivers.

The Chargers have said the right things about wanting to extend Rivers, but Rivers has said he will play out this final season of his contract without a new deal. He is playing some great football, and could work himself in line for a great deal.

Money is likely a motivating factor, but there might be another. Rivers has expressed reservations about playing in Los Angeles if the team were to move up there. The LA stadium issue remains up in the air, but the Chargers are one of the three teams most frequently connected to LA (along with the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders).

If the Chargers and Titans could work out a deal, I have to think the Titans would want to try and work out some kind of extension with him. But Rivers might not be quite so inclined to accommodate that. It's not as simple as just making the deal and moving on.

Do you see this kind of deal happening? If not, where does Mariota end up? If the Titans pass on him, does Washington bring him in the fold with Robert Griffin III already around? Do the New York Jets grab him and begin the transition away from Geno Smith? I would be surprised if Mariota slips past the Jets, but we've seen some crazy things when it comes to quarterbacks in the draft.