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49ers to host Louisville OLB Lorenzo Mauldin, per report

The San Francisco 49ers are bringing in a mid-round pass rush prospect for a visit. We take a quick look at him.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are bringing in their first outside linebacker for an official visit before the 2015 NFL DraftFOX Sports NFL editor Ross Jones is reporting the 49ers will bring in Louisville outside linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin. The 49ers previously have been connected to Alvin Dupree (private meeting at Pro Day), Randy Gregory (private meeting), Junior Sylvestre (Pro Day meeting), Zack Wagenmann (private meeting).

In looking through some scouting reports, Mauldin is being projected as a late second round or third round pick. He has good height and weight, but scouting reports indicate he needs more lower body mass. He also appears to have a limited arsenal of pass rushing tools, so he will need to improve that. Given the 49ers relative depth right now at the position, Mauldin would be in a good position with the 49ers. He would not be expected to be a starter as a rookie. Rather, he could rotate in while working on developing his skillset.

Some have suggested the 49ers might go pass rush in the first round. I would be surprised if the team went first round pass rush, but a late day two or early day three pick would not surprise me at all.

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