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NFL drug testing set to start Monday April 20

Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up Week 2 of their offseason workout program, and it would appear they will be back next week for phase two of the program. Next week also brings an important offseason date for players.

On Monday, April 20, the NFL can begin random drug testing for substances of abuse. If a player is not in the substance abuse program, the league can test them once between April 20 and early in the preseason. Once a player is tested, if he tests negative, he will not be tested again the rest of the year. If he tests positive for the first time, the new policy puts him in stage 1 with increased testing for 90 days. If the player gets through the 90 days, he is finished with testing for the year.

I bring this up now in part because of the recent Aaron Hernandez trial. Witnesses testified that Hernandez smoked a lot of marijuana. Like crazy amounts. And yet, even though he was frequently smoking, he reportedly never tested positive for the drug. Suffice to say, if you're not deeper into the substance abuse program, it is relatively easy to get out of it.

A month ago, the NFLPA sent out a memo to players reminding them that the drug program was starting in 30 days. That would give some players time to get the marijuana out of their system. I'd like to consider this article one last warning to 49ers if they have smoked in the last 30 days. Maybe check out a GNC or something along those lines this weekend. Seahawks players are welcome to ignore this warning.