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Carlos Hyde down to 220 pounds according to 49ers GM Trent Baalke

The San Francisco 49ers have a moderately slimmed down Carlos Hyde at their disposal for 2015. What will the running back overhaul mean for his workload?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers enter a new era at the running back position, and it would appear Carlos Hyde is making a noticeable commitment in return. General manager Trent Baalke said Hyde returned for the offseason workout program at 220 pounds. Hyde weighed in at 230 pounds a year ago at the NFL Combine, and played at 235 pounds last season, according to Baalke.

One of the negatives on Hyde scouting reports was weight fluctuation. said he needed to pay more attention to nutrition. While he probably had access to a pretty good nutrition program at Ohio State, I'd imagine it was nothing like what he has at the NFL. And even if it was somewhat similar, in the NFL he can focus more completely on that and football without having to deal with class and the other aspects of being a college student.

The 49ers running back depth chart will likely be topped by Hyde, but it remains to be seen how the workload will be split up between Hyde, Kendall Hunter and Reggie Bush. And of course, the team could add another running back to the mix as well. Frank Gore's lowest 16-game rushing attempts total was 255 this past season. My guess is Hyde does not surpass that total, and is down closer to 200-225.

If Bush and Hunter remain healthy the full season, it might even be possible that total slips below 200. A year ago, 17 running backs had over 200 carries. My guess is Hyde ends up just above 200, but I think it could be pretty close.