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Philadelphia Eagles to sign Tim Tebow because, why the heck not?

It's Tebow Time in the City of Brotherly Love.

Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly has decided he is far from done with his wild offseason of maneuvering. The Philadelphia Eagles are set to bring in quarterback Tim Tebow on Monday and sign him to a contract, according to Jay Glazer. The Eagles will begin their offseason workout program, and Tebow will be part of that program. The team's quarterback depth currently includes Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne.

There has been some talk that the Eagles might move up in the 2015 NFL Draft to try and grab Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. The signing of Tebow has no bearing whatsoever on that potential decision. However, the Eagles could find some competition for such a move. There have been some rumors about the San Diego Chargers potentially moving Philip Rivers to get the Tennessee Titans No. 2 pick. Those first 20-30 minutes of the first round are going to be particularly fascinating.

But for now, at least we have a little more Tim Tebow in our life. I don't imagine he sticks the whole year in Philadelphia, but who knows. Crazier things have happened.