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ESPN would pick Kenny Vaccaro over Eric Reid

The folks at ESPN crack us up day in and day out. While there were serious debates about Eric Reid vs. Kenny Vaccaro back in 2013, it seems to me that Reid has emerged ahead of Vaccaro.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is still four weeks away, and with Pro Days coming to a close, ESPN's NFL Live has had to do what they can to come up with new content. Earlier this week, they re-drafted the top ten of the 2013 NFL Draft. It has only been two seasons for that draft class, but we are starting to get a better grasp on those players.

I did not see this segment, but it is my understanding Mark Brunell made half the picks, and a former defensive player (not sure who) made the other half, including the Kenny Vaccaro pick. My guess is Eric Reid would not be far behind this top ten, but it is interesting to see someone pick Vaccaro ahead of Reid.

While Reid has dealt with some injury issues, Vaccaro saw a decrease in playing time late last season. He saw a decrease in snaps in Week 15, and then was a healthy scratch in Week 17. The Saints were already eliminated from playoff contention, but seeing a second year safety get benched was interesting, to say the least.

A year ago, did a re-draft of the 2013 NFL Draft, and they had Reid going No. 8, while Vaccaro was once again No. 15 to the Saints. In 2014, Vaccaro had more tackles, while Reid had one more interception. PFF graded out Eric Reid as pretty middle of the pack, while Vaccaro graded out near the bottom.

There are a variety of reasons, but I remain of the impression that Reid ended up being the better pick. The 49ers did have to give up a third round pick to move up and get Reid in the first round. But with Vaccaro off the board, the only other options that seemed to be on our radar as fans were Matt Elam, Jonathan Cyprien, and maybe D.J. Swearinger. Reid has done strong work thus far. His concussions are a concern, but other than that, I'd say things have worked out pretty well. I realize that's an inferno of a take.