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Bengals sign Josh Johnson (and likely release and sign him again)

Josh Johnson is off to re-join the Cincinnati Bengals. What does it mean for the 49ers third QB job?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Thursday that they have signed quarterback Josh Johnson. There is no word yet on the dollar figures, but we will keep an eye out for them. I highly doubt he gets much more than the minimum, but if it does end up being a bit more, the 49ers could still end up with a comp pick. I'm not holding my breath.

There's not much to this, other than putting a bow on the post this morning about his visit to Cincinnati. And of course it opens the door for another third string quarterback. The 49ers have had a revolving door of reserve quarterbacks, with Jim Harbaugh always seeming to struggle finding anything resembling a consistent backup option.

The 49ers have two quarterbacks on the roster, so more will be joining the group. The free agent options are pretty abysmal. I think it is pretty safe to say they will not be adding Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston, but that does not remove the position entirely from the draft board. Bryce Petty, Garrett Grayson and Brett Hundley all figure into the mix after the top two. Trevor Woods ranked Hundley the highest of those three, but opinions vary. And of course there are some other options further down, including Sean Mannion, Cody Fajardo, Connor Holliday, Brandon Bridge, and more.

I've added a poll for people to suggest who they think will be the team's No. 3 quarterback when Week 1 of the regular season gets here.