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49ers GM Trent Baalke on hand for Marcus Peters Pro Day

The 49ers top personnel executive was on hand for the Washington Pro Day. It could mean all sorts of things.

@robrang on Twitter

The picture above comes courtesy of NFL Draft analyst Rob Rang and shows Marcus Peters on hand at the Washington Pro Day. Marcus Peters was one of several big names working out, and Rang's tweet indicates Baalke was paying particular attention to that part of the workout.

I cannot tell for certain who the person next to Baalke is, but it kind of looks like defensive backs coach Tim Lewis. If the 49ers were focused on Peters, it would make sense to get Lewis up there for the day as well. The 49ers were reportedly set to meet with Peters for an official visit. The Barrows report does not indicate whether it would be up in Washington or down in Santa Clara. The team already met with him once at the NFL Combine.

The 49ers have had their share of shadow games over the years. Back in 2011, they attended the Missouri Pro Day, and everybody thought they were checking out Blaine Gabbert. A month later, they drafted Aldon Smith. The 49ers could have used this visit to check out other players as well. They appear to be showing significant interest in Peters, but anything is possible with Trent Baalke.