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Adrian Peterson trade rumors flying fast and furious

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft is a week away, and the schedule release is set for Tuesday evening. In the meantime though, Adrian Peterson trade rumors are picking up steam. The NFL reinstated Peterson last week, and now we get to wait and see where he will actually play in 2015.

Peterson is signed with the Minnesota Vikings, but given how ugly things have gotten, it would not be surprising to see him playing elsewhere this season. Oddsmakers have installed him playing with the Vikings as a 1/2 favorite. Odds are 7/2 he is traded before or during the NFL Draft, 7/1 he is traded after the NFL Draft, 10/1 it happens during the season, and 25/1 he is released. The Arizona Cardinals are listed as 9/2 favorites if he ends up elsewhere, followed by the Dallas Cowboys (5/1), Oakland Raiders (10/1), Atlanta Falcons (20/1), San Diego Chargers (20/1), New England Patriots (40/1) and New York Jets (50/1).

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting if Peterson is not traded before or during next week's NFL Draft, he likely won't be dealt this year. The newspaper's source believes the team could push on it once Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley are off the board. The running back class is fairly weak after that, so that would be their best leverage point.

The source suggest the Cardinals, Falcons, Cowboys, Jaguars, Chargers and Bucs are in the mix. This source could be a range of people, including someone in the Vikings organization, a Peterson family member, or Peterson's agent. "In the mix" does not really tell us a whole lot. It could mean teams that have contacted the Vikings, subtly contacted Peterson's agent, or are simply being speculated upon by the source.

Whatever the case, that won't stop Adrian Peterson's agent from trolling folks.