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San Francisco 49ers 2015 schedule predictions: Picking all the games this year

Of course I'm going to go on record with these!

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The NFL announced the 2015 regular season schedule, and the San Francisco 49ers have all sorts of interesting angles and storylines. The NFL Draft is still a week away, and the 49ers are only just getting into the on-field coaching portion of their offseason workout programs. That means plenty will change between now and September 14 when the 49ers host the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

In spite of all that, I am happy to go out on a limb today and put together my first round of predictions. Last season was a train wreck for the 49ers, and it reflected in my preliminary predictions. That being said, it won't stop me from coming back with another round of predictions that will prove to be woefully inadequate in six months. For now though, I have the 49ers at 10-6.

49ers 2015 schedule prediction

Week 1: vs. Minnesota Vikings WIN ... Home opener under the lights against a team with question marks. We don't even know if Adrian Peterson will be around for this game.

Week 2: @ Pittsburgh Steelers WIN ... The Steelers will likely be without Le'Veon Bell, assuming his drug suspension holds up. The Steelers are turning over a significant chunk of their secondary. If the 49ers are going to be competitive for a playoff berth next season, this sets up as a chance to get a huge early win.

Week 3: @ Arizona Cardinals LOSS ... This is a very winnable game, but divisional road games are never easy. The division winner needs to claim at least one, so we'll see if the 49ers can start strong.

Week 4: vs. Green Bay Packers WIN ... Yep, I'm going there!

Week 5: @ New York Giants LOSS ... I don't know what to make of the Giants this year, but they are troublesome. The 49ers edged them out last year in the Meadowlands. We'll see if it happens again.

Week 6: vs. Baltimore Ravens WIN ... Torrey Smith gets to face his old mates, as Flacco and Kap square off.

Week 7: vs. Seattle Seahawks WIN ... A second straight season with TNF against Seattle. I'm hoping the 49ers right last year's wrong.

Week 8: @ St. Louis Rams LOSS ... The Rams in St. Louis are always a tough one to figure out. And with Nick Foles at QB now, who knows what will happen. But we do know they will have a strong defense.

Week 9: vs. Atlanta Falcons WIN ... The 49ers beat them in the final game at The Stick. The Falcons are coming off a bad year, but they are still talented. This should be a close one.

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: @ Seattle Seahawks LOSS ... I'd love to see an upset here, but I don't see any realistic to think it will happen.

Week 12: vs. Arizona Cardinals WIN ... Dockett gets at least one win against his old team.

Week 13: @ Chicago Bears LOSS ... I think Vic Fangio gets a little revenge with an improved Bears defense.

Week 14: @ Cleveland Browns WIN ... Does anybody have any idea what to make of the Browns. They showed great signs last year, but couldn't get over the hump. What can we expect from them this year?

Week 15: vs. Cincinnati Bengals WIN ... The 49ers own Cincinnati in the Super Bowl, might as well win one more under the lights.

Week 16: @ Detroit Lions LOSS ... The Lions are coming off a playoff berth, and remain solid. As much as I'd like to see Reggie Bush explode in a "revenge" game, I think the 49ers come up short.

Week 17: vs. St. Louis Rams WIN ... 3-3 in the division seems like a blah finish, but I think the NFC West could be especially tight this year.