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NFL schedule release: 49ers installed as 3.5-point favorite against Minnesota Vikings

The San Francisco 49ers schedule release means it is time for a gambling for Week 1. It is not a surprise they are a favorite at home against Minnesota.

MGM Sports Book

The NFL schedule was released Tuesday evening, which means we now know the San Francisco 49ers will open the 2015 season at home against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. Although we haven't even gotten to the NFL Draft, we do already have a a spread for Week 1.

The LV SuperBook released preliminary lines shortly after the schedule release. The 49ers have opened as a 3.5-point favorite against the Vikings. That line will likely change plenty between now and September 14, but we at least have some early context. The sports book will be looking to bring in money on both sides of the line. The 49ers are the home team, so if this game were on a neutral field, the odds-makers are saying this would be pretty even.

The Vikings head into the season with their quarterback of choice in place. Teddy Bridgewater solid as a rookie, so we should get plenty of discussion about Bridgewater vs. Colin Kaepernick. The bigger story for now though is what will happen with Adrian Peterson. The Vikings running back is under contract, but after last year's drama, it would not be surprising to see him playing somewhere else this season. The question is when it will happen. I think there is a 60 percent or so chance AP gets traded between now and that game.