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Huge Bruce Ellington fan won't be your girlfriend if you don't like the 49ers

This little girl is a big fan of the 49ers, and Bruce Ellington. Boys, if you are not a 49ers fan, it just won't work out.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Bruce Ellington was back home in South Carolina recently to help promote a scholarship program, and the visit allowed him to meet one of his biggest fans. A 7-year old girl in Spartanburg, California is a huge fan of Ellington and the 49ers (and also apparently a Panthers fan). She apparently had a boy ask to be her girlfriend, but he was wearing another team's shirt. She asked him to switch teams, and when he refused, she told him she could not be his girlfriend.

To be perfectly honest, I really think both kids deserve credit in this situation. I'm glad she asked him to become a 49ers fan, but credit to the little boy for sticking with his team in the face of pressure! You can't be switching teams every which way, even if you really like someone. If they are truly a big sports fan, I would like to think they will respect you more for sticking with your guns. And besides, it would potentially add the always entertaining element of trash talk to a potential relationship. These are obviously important things to consider.

It's a cute video, and worth a quick watch as Ellington surprised the little girl at her school.