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2015 49ers' Opponents: Cleveland Browns Free Agency Edition

We take a look at what the Cleveland Browns have done in free agency and what needs they might have in the upcoming draft.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Like the other three teams in the AFC North, the Cleveland Browns dived into free agency, addressing needs and adding depth. Unlike the other teams, the Browns have a bit of a bigger hole to dig themselves out of, and that hole only became deeper this offseason when WR Josh Gordon was suspended and quarterback Johnny Manziel checked himself into rehab.

The QB position continues to be a problematic position for the Browns. Brian Hoyer, who started last season well, left in free agency for the Houston Texans. He was never going to be a franchise QB for the Browns, but he is an excellent backup. In response, the Browns have recently signed two QBs: Thad Lewis and Josh McCown. I'm not sure either player will be an answer for the Browns (in fact, I think it is highly unlikely), but they might be able to give the Browns a year or two to develop a QB.

The Browns have also attempted to address the WR position this offseason. Although Gordon may be back next season, the Browns are going to want another option. To that end, the Browns added some depth by signing wide receivers Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline in addition to re-signing WR Marlon Moore. They also attempted to address the tight end position by signing Rob Housler.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Browns have signed defensive tackle Randy Starks and cornerback Tramon Williams. It seems pretty clear to me that the Browns are going to need more depth for their front seven, so look for the Browns to add some pieces on the defensive side of the ball in the draft.

Draft Picks

Fortunately for the Browns, they have done a good job of stockpiling picks in the upcoming draft. With two first round picks, the Browns can get some high profile players that might be able to make an impact from day one.

Round 1 - Pick 12
Round 1 - Pick 19 (from Buffalo Bills for 2014 1st round pick [Sammy Watkins])
Round 2 - Pick 11
Round 3 - Pick 13
Round 4 - Pick 12
Round 4 - Pick 16 (from Buffalo Bills for 2014 1st round pick [Sammy Watkins])
Round 5 - Pick 11
Round 6 - Pick 13
Round 6 - Pick 26 (from Baltimore Ravens for 2014 7th round pick [Michael Campanaro])
Round 7 - Pick 12

Potential Needs

It's a bit tough to diagnose what the Browns need simply because there are some substantial hurdles for the team to over come, and I'm not sure the management nor the culture of the team are consummate with the challenge. That said, the QB position is an absolute must. The team will simply never get better if they don't make some QB changes. Look for the Browns to also add some depth on defense during the draft. The front seven, in particular, could use some help with stopping the run.