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Hakeem Nicks signs with Tennessee Titans after previous 49ers visit

The San Francisco 49ers will not land another veteran wide receiver at this point in the offseason. Hakeem Nicks came in for a visit in March, but decided to sign elsewhere.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers kicked the tires on wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, but the free agent has decided to sign elsewhere. FOX Sports NFL reporter Mike Garafolo is reporting Nicks will sign with the Tennessee Titans.

The 49ers interest had sort of waned in the mind of most of us (I know I had mostly forgotten). The team needs to add some depth at wide receiver at least for competition at training camp. Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin are a strong 1-2, but after that it is nothing but question marks. I think we could see Bruce Ellington emerge in some form or fashion, but there are no guarantees. And of course, the Quinton Patton contingent will wait for more from No. 11.

The 49ers other free agent interest was linebacker Lance Briggs. He has not signed anywhere yet, and at this point I would think he won't sign anywhere until after the draft. If the 49ers cannot land an inside linebacker, I could see them make a push for Briggs after the draft. They likely need at least one more body to compete in there, and Briggs could fit in.