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Trey Flowers, Gabe Martin are my NFL Draft crushes -- what about the rest of you?

Trey Flowers and Gabe Martin would be great fits for the San Francisco 49ers -- and they happen to be my two draft crushes. What about you guys?

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Each and every year, I like to do what I think is a necessary amount of research on college players to have a solid understanding of who is who in the 2015 NFL Draft. I don't consider myself a draft expert and I don't have encyclopedic knowledge of anybody, but one thing I typically do is find what many call a "draft crush."

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee always has one player he lists as his crush, and makes a big show of revealing that player each year. I also like to talk about my draft crush, despite the inevitability that said player will never come to the San Francisco 49ers. But this year, I'd had less time than usual and I've done a bit less research than previous years.

Still, I'd be interested in hearing what your "draft crush" might be. Now, I'm not going to impose any restrictions or anything but bonus points if you're not talking about guaranteed first-round picks and all of that. As for me, there are a few guys I'm a big fan of at this point.

Trey Flowers of Arkansas is the big one. I really like everything about the way he plays the game. He's listed as a defensive end but plenty of people think he's under-sized for the position and that he'll need to switch to outside linebacker in the NFL, especially for a 3-4 team. I totally disagree, and there are those who feel the same way. I think he can bulk up a little bit and he'll be fine. Flowers has a great motor and never gives up on the play. He's raw, but I see a lot of Justin Smith in him.

Then there's Bowling Green outside linebacker Gabe Martin. He's a sleeper at the position, but has all the tools to be an immediately effective pass-rusher. I'd love it if the 49ers drafted him later, especially if they are looking for a rookie to replace Chase Thomas in the mean time. I think he has a lot more upside than Corey Lemonier and he's definitely close to being a draft crush for me.

Anyway -- who are your draft crushes? Tell me who I should pay attention to, since we're so close to the NFL Draft.