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San Francisco 49ers second year outside linebacker Aaron Lynch had a little something to say on Instagram earlier today. He posted the picture and caption above, with some salty comments about the Seattle Seahawks. You should be able to see the caption above, but if not, here it is:

Let me tell you now this is one lucky ass squad this year, let me hold my tongue cuz god knows on the field i aint holding shit back. Im so ready for this season to start and show the world that the #Niners aint nobody to f*ck wit. Seattle better get they mothaf*ckin mind right and put on they helmet and tighten the shit out of they chin strap cuz im knockin some f*ckin blocks off. We is #WARREADY #LynchMobb #49ers

I'm not entirely sure that qualifies as holding back, but it's amusing either way. I'm not sure what set him off, but such is life. And while I am not 100 percent certain, I am almost positive this is Aaron Lynch's account. This IG account and his Twitter account are not verified, but he has tweeted pictures with Nick Moody, and Moody has tweeted back and retweeted him. They will likely be verified when training camp gets here, or at least by the start of the season.

And then we'll see how this rivalry holds up following Jim Harbaugh's departure.