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49ers 2015 schedule: Early gambling lines for Week 1 through 16

The 49ers are favored in seven of the 15 games. Check out which ones.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL schedule was released last week, and shortly after, the LVH SuperBook provided lines for Week 1. The San Francisco 49ers opened as a 3.5-point favorite over the Minnesota Vikings at the SuperBook. Considering the 2015 NFL Draft has not even happened yet, it is probably a little too early to be making bets that would be nothing more than guess-work. That being said, seeing the lines is interesting for adding some context to national impressions of teams.

The folks at CG Technology, who operate several sportsbooks in Las Vegas, are taking things one big step further. They put together lines for every single game through Week 16. The final week of the season can involve players resting on contenders, so they do not release a line for those games. Of course, considering the influx of rookies later this week, and the fact that there will be numerous injuries, most every line is going to change to some degree.

The folks at had an exclusive first look at all the lines, so I thought I would pull out all the 49ers lines. As you can see, their Week 1 line differs from the LVH SuperBook line. CG Technology has the 49ers as favorites in seven games, underdogs in six games, and a a pick 'em in two games. On the road, they are favored in two games, and a pick 'em at the New York Giants.

Here is the full list of lines for the first 15 games. These are all likely to change in some form or fashion over the rest of the year. The draft likely won't influence lines too much, but injuries and depth chart adjustments will result in some changes as the year moves along.

Week 1: Vikings @ 49ers (-4.5)
Week 2: 49ers (+2.5) @ Steelers
Week 3: 49ers (+2.5) @ Cardinals
Week 4: Packers @ 49ers (pick 'em)
Week 5: 49ers (pick 'em) @ Giants
Week 6: Ravens @ 49ers (-2)
Week 7: Seahawks @ 49ers (+1.5)
Week 8: 49ers (+1) @ Rams
Week 9: Falcons @ 49ers (-6)
Week 11: 49ers (+5.5) @ Seahawks
Week 12: Cardinals @ 49ers (-2)
Week 13: 49ers (-1) @ Bears
Week 14: 49ers (-2.5) @ Browns
Week 15: Bengals @ 49ers (-3)
Week 16: 49ers (+1.5) @ Lions