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2015 NFL mock draft: 7 rounds from

The San Francisco 49ers have some work to do this weekend at the 2015 NFL Draft. How do you think this seven round mock draft handles it?

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is only a couple days away, which will mean the end of mock drafts for at least a little while. There are some one-round mocks we'll keep an eye on heading into Thursday, but put together a fun seven-round mock draft. Even though there were no trades, a seven round mock is intriguing to track for how people view team needs.

Nick Chiamardas will have his own 49ers seven-round mock on Wednesday, but in the meantime, here is what Lance Zierlein and Chad Reuter put together for the San Francisco 49ers. There will be plenty of disagreements over the specific players picked, but the positions generally cover most of the 49ers needs. Zierlein and Reuter decided not to add an outside linebacker, which is something I do think the 49ers add at some point.

I was intrigued by the decision to add two offensive linemen, but I also like the timing. I don't think the team needs to invest in the line on day one, but a late day two pick makes sense as a potential replacement for Alex Boone in 2016. They talk about replacing Iupati, but ideally Brandon Thomas is recovered enough from his April 2014 ACL injury to handle that.

With the draft only a coupe days away, what do you think of this seven-round mock draft?

1 (15). Arik Armstead, DL, Oregon

We know the 49ers need inside linebacker help, but this isn't the spot for that pick. Armstead is the future replacement forJustin Smith.

2 (46). Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn

The depth of the receiver group makes Coates available here. If his hands are consistent, he could help QB Colin Kaepernick regain his form in 2015 -- and then take over Anquan Boldin's role in the offense in 2016.

3 (79). Jamil Douglas, OG, Arizona State

Replacing Mike Iupati won't be easy, but Douglas has the chops to create room for Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush while keeping Kaepernick clean.

4 (126). Craig Mager, CB, Texas State
4 (132). Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State
5 (151). Tyler Kroft, TE, Rutgers
6 (190). Matt Jones, RB, Florida
7 (246). Ben Beckwith, OG Mississippi State
7 (254). Taylor Heinicke, QB, Old Dominion