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NFL Draft rumors: Arik Armstead is 49ers guy if he is there at 15

The San Francisco 49ers may have their eye on a specific player at No. 15. One report says Arik Armstead is there guy if they do not trade out of the pick.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have been frequently connected to Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead, and the buzz is only heating up as the draft approaches later this week. Bleacher Report's (and friend of the site) Matt Miller is reporting he has been told the 49ers front office really likes Armstead. Miller says that if the 49ers do not trade from the pick, Armstead would be the pick if he is there at No. 15.

That obviously would turn off a lot of people, but it is also hard to know for certain how accurate this ends up being. If Armstead is there on Thursday, we'll find out really quickly whether or not he is the guy they actually want. Trent Baalke is not one to give a lot of way, but it would not be surprising if scouts were giving up some details.

Of course, those same scouts could be looking to push someone to make a deal with the 49ers, or waste draft capital to move ahead of them. This time of year is frequently about playing games to confuse the opposition. Even if Matt heard this directly from Trent Baalke, it is still important to note the games that happen. I would not be shocked by Armstead ending up in San Francisco, but just the same, there are virtually zero guarantees about who will end up where in the 2015 NFL Draft.