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2015 NFL Draft: Marcus Peters prospect profile

We scout Washington cornerback Marcus Peters. Is he worth drafting in round one?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Basics:

Position: Cornerback
Height: 6-0
Weight: 197
40 Yard Dash: 4.53
Vertical: 37.5 inches 
Broad Jump: 121 inches

Do Your Homework:


  • Ball Skills: Serious ball skills. Peters can make highlight reel grabs. Had 8 interceptions between 2013 and 2014.
  • Pro Bowl Mentor: Peters is from Oakland, so is Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has become a mentor of Peters, and Marcus considers him a cousin. Lynch's antics off the field are one thing, but he knows how to play football as hard as anyone in the NFL.
  • Size/Strength Combination: Has the ability to play stellar press coverage. This strength with his ideal height at the position makes for an intriguing prospect.
  • Hard Hitter: Not all cornerbacks are created equal when it comes to laying the wood tackling, but Peters is a corner that brings some thump. Forced fumbles are bound to happen.
  • Turnover Opportunist: If a fumble occurs, if Peters records an interception, he is dangerous with the ball in his hand. Peters can make defenders miss in the open field and will be a threat to return turnovers for touchdowns.


  • Serious Off Field Issues: Peters was suspended in 2014 for a game, and then ultimately kicked off the team. Allegations of him fighting with a coach and teammate ensued.
  • On Field Temper: At times Peters has hide sideline antics where he has yelled at coaches, teammates, referees, and opposing players. He has appeared emotionally unstable at times and this can be concerning for an NFL team.
  • Sluggish Combine: After being suspended and missing a good chunk of the season, Peters performed at a mediocre level in Indy. This is concerning because he had months to prepare for the day and he did not leave a good impression on me that week.

What They Are Saying:

- Peters had one of the lowest wonderlic scores.

- Todd McShay called Peters the best pure cover corner in the draft.


Peters has as impressive of tape as any cornerback in this draft class. There isn't a cornerback that has such a tremendous body of tape as him play to play, game to game. He's a competitor, tough, and when the ball is snapped he plays the game the way it should be played.

Some of what Peters does reminds me of Charles Woodson, or Patrick Peterson. He may never become those players but he has a similar skill-set and build.

Peters is a no brainer for the 49ers to draft at fifteen, if it wasn't for some character concerns. The Niners will have to feel comfortable with him as a person if they are going to take the risk and draft him. Trent Baalke was on hand for Peters pro day, I'm sure he liked what he saw on the field, but it remains to be seen if he liked what he heard from Marcus Peters the person. With the post Harbaugh era of 49ers football underway, with "winning with class" continuing to be a talking point, it will be interesting to see if Baalke drafts a player with a checkered past in the first round.

Ownership can talk about winning with class all they want, but what they care about most is winning. All 32 teams will sacrifice character for victories. Point being, Peters tape is tremendous, if he can stay out of trouble I have no doubt he will flourish into a pro bowl player in the NFL. Whether it's the 49ers or another club, a team will take a chance on Peters in the first round.

The 49ers depth at cornerback is shaky and uncertain, albeit with potential. Bringing a player like Peters into the fold would make me (and I'm sure the 49ers) more confident with the group heading into the season. Depending on who comes off the board before the 49ers are up, I could see them trading down into the low 20's, drafting Peters, and picking up some extra draft picks in the process.

If it wasn't for Peters troubles this write up would be more vocal in my support of the 49ers drafting Peters, but I haven't had the luxury of talking to him myself and hearing his side of things. The 49ers have spoke to Peters, and tomorrow we will find out if what they heard convinced them that he's their guy.