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49ers to unveil new alternate jersey on Thursday

Well, this is certainly a little bit interesting! The San Francisco 49ers announced on Wednesday that they will unveil a new alternate jersey at their 2015 NFL Draft party on Thursday. The jersey will first be unveiled on the team's new Snapchat account, but it will be followed by a formal unveiling for the rest of the world that is not on Snapchat.

Matt Barrows tweeted that the long time rumor has been that the team would consider incorporating silver. Although red and white have been the primary colors for the 49ers, but they used silver way back in the day. If you check out, you can check out all the 49ers uniforms dating back to 1946.

Any thoughts on what the alternate should entail? Any design experts want to photoshop something up? In the meantime, here is what the uniforms looked like when the 49ers last used silver in 1963: