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Alex Boone among several 49ers not attending voluntary minicamp

Fooch's update No. 2: Maiocco is reporting Boone will skip all voluntary activities this offseason. This would seem to indicate he will be at mandatory minicamp and training camp.

Fooch's update: More are also absent. I am still a little skeptical about Boone given his "over the mountain" comment, but otherwise, here you go.

There is no word yet on if this is a holdout or not, but for now, Alex Boone is not in attendance at the San Francisco 49ers voluntary minicamp. I suppose it could be prior obligations or something else, but given his holdout last year, it is easy to assume the worst about Boone sitting out the voluntary minicamp.

Boone's return resulted in a deal that would prevent the 49ers from placing the franchise tag on him after the 2015 season. He is guaranteed to be free to sign anywhere after this season. Of course, given that the 49ers gave in to some extent last year, maybe he thinks he can get more this year. A year ago, the 49ers rolled his future incentives into his base salary, bumping it from $3.7 million over two years to $6 million over two years.

Boone could be looking for more, or maybe he just doesn't care enough to come to the voluntary minicamp. In the Jim Harbaugh HBO special, Boone talked about how Harbaugh was good to get them started, but once they "got over the mountain", his act wore a little thin. The team did become successful, but obviously plenty would say winning the Super Bowl is getting over the mountain. If that is his attitude about all this, it would not surprise me if this is just Boone not caring enough to show up. But again, we'll hopefully find out something sooner rather than later.