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Colin Kaepernick throwing motion does look a little bit different

Much of the talk this offseason has been about Colin Kaepernick's work with quarterback coaches and Kurt Warner down in Arizona. We've talked quite a bit about his throwing motion and what this all means. Even Vernon Davis said he saw a tremendous difference.

We take Vernon with a bit of a grain of salt, but the video above adds some context. Cam Inman posted it from the San Francisco 49ers Wednesday practice session, and the throwing motion does seem to look a bit different. Kap seems a little tighter and more compact in his motion. This is of course only one throw so we can't draw grand conclusions, but it is interesting to watch.

When training camp gets around and the media sees him every day, we'll get even more to work with. That will be followed by preseason games and the regular season. It's safe to say we'll get plenty to chew on as the offseason moves along. For now though, chew away on this video.