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NFL draft rumors: 49ers interest in Dorial Green-Beckham, Bruce Irvin-to-Falcons, Eagles trade up rumors

The NFL Draft rumor mill is on fire right now. Will any of these rumored deals actually happen?

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and the rumor mill is truly swirling. We will have an open thread in just a bit, but I wanted to post some of the latest rumors flying around the Interwebz. It is entirely possible none of these come true, but they are worth sharing just for general interest.

49ers interest in Dorial Green-Beckham

This is a radio guy, but given that Dorial Green-Beckham is from Missouri, I would not say this is out of the realm of the possible. And of course, showing a lot of interest does not mean this will happen. The 49ers did spend a lot of pre-draft time with DGB, conducting a Combine interview, and then hosting him for an official visit. The 49ers have a wide receiver need, so maybe DGB is the guy they think suits it.

Bruce Irvin trade rumors

The first bit of news indicated the Seattle Seahawks do not plan on exercising the fifth year option on Irvin. That has now evolved into speculation they are going to try and deal Irvin to the Atlanta Falcons this weekend. I could see the Falcons waiting to see how the first round plays out before finalizing any deal, but maybe we see Irvin reunited with Dan Quinn.

Philadelphia Eagles-Marcus Mariota rumors

This has been in discussion for much of the offseason. It would take a lot to move up, but Chip Kelly has shown he is prepared to do whatever he needs to to make things happen. The Tennessee Titans are reportedly looking for a sizable haul for the No. 2 pick, and there has been Twitter speculation of a deal involving multiple firsts, a future second and players if the Eagles made the move. It's all talk for now, but the Eagles are the team to watch for now as the draft approaches.