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Saturday afternoon leisure with Final Four

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday, everybody. The Final Four tips off at 3:09 p.m PT, and with this being an otherwise relatively quiet weekend, I thought I'd put together an open thread. You can discuss the games, or you can discuss whatever else you want.

Today's games feature Duke vs. Michigan State, and then Kentucky vs. Wisconsin. This is a rarity in having multiple No. 1 seeds into the Final Four. Duke and Kentucky are the favorites, but they are facing some pretty stiff competition. I think we end up with a Kentucky-Duke championship game, but of the two games, Wisconsin over Kentucky would not be entirely shocking.

Personally, I want to see Kentucky roll through and finish undefeated. A historic season like that is pretty cool to consider. Obviously an upset would be interesting, but seeing a 40-0 season for the first time in NCAA history, and the first undefeated season since Indiana in 1976 is pretty cool to consider.