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4th And 9 Podcast: 49ers Draft needs

Tre welcomes Kyle Madson to talk about the 49ers needs in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft, both perceived and potential, as well as the wildcard that is: Trent Baalke. Fooch from NinersNation will also join us to help sort out what exactly is an Exclusive Rights Free Agent.

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At this point in the 49ers offseason, not much is happening as we patiently (im-patiently) await the next major NFL event: The Draft.

As such, the 4th And 9 Podcast has you covered, going over the 49ers' draft needs as we see them, with the help of Kyle Madson. You can really make an argument for most positions, with the team's depth lower at key positions than most of us would like. But what are the real wildcard positions that Trent Baalke could potentially take as early as 15th overall? Tune in to find out.

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