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Golden Nuggets: Should Colin Kaepernick just be himself?

Thursday, April 9, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. The draft is "only" 22 days away! So uh, keep crossing days off your calendar in anticipation. This time of year is always sparse in links, but every now and then a somebody raises a point that lends itself to discussion. Yesterday, that came from Anquan Boldin who wants Colin Kaepernick to tune out outside influences and just "be himself." Unless there is some deeper meaning there, I am assuming that by be himself, he really means to return to the exciting and improvisational style that served him well in his first two playoff runs. It is no secret that Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman tried very hard to curtail Kaepernick last season and turn him into a more pocket oriented QB. If the nails weren't already in the coffin from our treacherous and dastardly front office, this strategy surely sealed the fate of both men.

But seemingly of his own accord, Colin Kaepernick continued with this development plan in the off season when he trained with Kurt Warner in Arizona. Last season was a terrible one for Kap. In my opinion, for the first 13 games, he was one of the worst starters in the league and I think the middle of the season offensive struggles corroborate that. I mean, he was terrible against the Raiders of all teams. But the last three games were actually pretty good. They weren't all wins because at that point the defense was so devastated by injuries they had trouble stopping anyone. This boost seemed to come from Colin embracing what Anquan Boldin would probably call "himself." So yes, in my opinion, Colin should absolutely embrace his style of play, but that doesn't mean he should give up on being a pocket passer. Just take baby steps.

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