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Anquan Boldin talks Colin Kaepernick, Jim Tomsula in radio interview

Anquan Boldin did a radio spot on Wednesday and discussed Colin Kaepernick's development, and what Jim Tomsula brings to the table as head coach.

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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin was on SiriusXM NFL radio Wednesday afternoon, and he had some interesting comments about Colin Kaepernick and Jim Tomsula. In discussing Tomsula, he talked about the energy he brings, as well as the fact that players bust their butt for him. It remains to be seen how Tomsula will handle the many in-game issues a head coach faces, but I don't think there are any concerns about players being motivated for him.

Boldin's comments about Kap have been making the rounds, so I wanted to make sure and get them transcribed (AUDIO). He talked about how Kap needed to just be himself and block out the stuff around him. Of course, we know he has been working with Kurt Warner and quarterback coaches Dennis Gile and Mike Giovando. I look at that as him seeking out advice as opposed to being bombarded with all sorts of different opinions. And I think Boldin is talking more about the latter. I could very well be wrong, but that's how I view what Boldin said.

On changes at 49ers:

A lot of change. You're right about that. But I mean that's just a part of the game nowadays. We always have these meetings, these exit meetings at the end of the year, and the one thing that is always said is, "This team will not be the same come next year." And that's always true. No matter if it's strictly players, or coaches, or head coaches. It's just not going to be the same. That's just the business that we're in nowadays. But for us, we just have to move forward, we just have to improve on what we did last year, and we can't let last year be a repeat of this year, because we're way better than that.

On Tomsula:

I've always thought he was very energetic. I thought he was very detailed in what he did, and how he coached the defensive line. And he was a guy who let them play, but he had parameters built in. He communicated well with the defensive line. I tell you, everybody that played for him, they busted their butts for him. And he went to bat for his players. So that's something you're excited about as a head coach. I think he will do well as a head coach because like I said he deals with different personalities that different guys bring to the table. I think he deals with that quite well. That's something that's a characteristic you have to have when you're a head coach."

On Kap:

To be honest with you I think he just has to block out everything else around him, stop listening to what people want, what people have to say about you, stop listening to what people want to see you do and just be yourself. I think sometimes when you try to go off the suggestions of other people and try to please other people, you forget who you are and what got you there. I think if he just goes out and be himself, that he will be just fine. And that's the thing I try to tell him. "Go out and be Kap. Don't try to go out and be anybody else because that isn't what got you to this point."

On if Kap is playing like he used to with the instincts:

To be honest with you, I can't answer that as far as what's going on in his head. That's something that you have to ask him specifically. But I do know, or I try to reassure him that he's good enough to be in the NFL. I mean I saw him, I played against him in the Super Bowl, so I know that he's talented enough to be in this league and to play well in this league. And like I said, you don't have to, sometimes you just have to block everything else around you out and just go back to being yourself. Trust your skills, trust the athletic ability that you have and just go for it.