49ers to bring in Bemidji State basketball player Brock Lutes for a visit

Don Feria/Getty Images

Fooch's Note: Lutes is scheduled to visit the 49ers next Tuesday, April 14. Last year, the 49ers tried to bring in another Bemidji State player, but he elected to return to school.

Brock Lutes, a tight end from Newberg, OR, who was first team all-state in basketball and football and has played lights-out basketball at Trent Baalke's alma mater, Bemidji State.

Matt Barrows thinks he might be a rookie steal. Matt Maiocco has some nice things to say as well.

Lutes had his pro day on April 1 at Portland State University and was scheduled to visit the 49ers today, April 9. From what I can gather, his stats are: 6'4", 230#, 40" Vertical, 10'2" Broad Jump, 4.21 short shuttle, projected 40yd time of 4.6-4.7 @240#, and bench press "in the teens." I can't find any stats from his pro day, "official" or otherwise.

Very good interview with Brock and his coach:

More workout video here:

And check out his basketball skills! If he doesn't catch on in the NFL, he might have a future as an NBA point guard.

So, what say you? Did the Ninja uncover gold? UDFA? 2-year project? Or just another hopeful?

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