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Welcome to Day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft

Day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft is about to get underway. Here is your first open thread of the evening! We'll be back with a new thread when the 49ers pick is in.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Draft rolls on with day two getting started at 4 p.m. PT. Friday will consist of the second and third rounds, with the Tennessee Titans holding the first pick. The day wraps up with the three compensatory picks. A year ago, the evening took about five and a half hours, so we are in for the long haul!

The San Francisco 49ers hold two picks on the day, with the 14th pick of the second round, and the 15th pick of the third round. Considering the team has three picks in the fourth round, they very well could end up rather active on the trade market. They have several needs to figure out, including wide receiver, cornerback, offensive line and inside linebacker. Those are not all of them, and some will disagree with some of those, but the 49ers will be busy the next two days.

We'll have a new thread for the 49ers pick, and potentially even earlier than that if insanity breaks out otherwise. For now though, we'll wait and see what happens. Below is a feed from @ninersnation where I'll be posting plenty of info. And as with yesterday, site decorum is off for the weekend.