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Colin Kaepernick up in Seattle gave away alcohol due to training

There is so much happening in this video, and it does not even cover the most interesting aspect of any of this. Speaking of the video, there is a woman excited to see Colin Kaepernick and screaming really loud. I'd recommend turning down the volume.

Kap was up in Seattle this past weekend, and from what I hear, part of it was some kind of promotion at a Costco. He also enjoyed some time out in Seattle, with TMZ reporting he was out with Ricardo Lockette and Kam Chancellor. I had actually heard something over the weekend that the club in question (Aston Manor) is owned by a 49ers fan. You can see at least one person in the video with a red jersey that I believe is a 49ers jersey.

The best part about the TMZ article? Well, aside from their continued bizarre punctuation usage, it had to be this:

The 49ers are back at work this week in their offseason workout program, and Colin Kaepernick does seem plenty focused on the task at hand. It has been a busy offseason, with Kap getting in a ton of work down in Arizona. The next month will be busy with the 49ers OTAs and minicamp, and then there will be some down time from mid-June to mid-July. There will be some time to relax then as the 49ers get ready for the start of 2015 training camp.