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The new Hamburglar looks like Colin Kaepernick

McDonald's recently decided to bring back the Hamburglar after a 13-year absence from advertising. The move is apparently part of a promotion for a new sirloin burger. In re-introducing the old character, McDonald's has updated the previous cartoon-ish look. Now, the character appears as an actual human being, only with some 5 o'clock shadow and a more middle aged look.

And as you can see above, somehow the resulting character looks like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick! I would assume it was entirely coincidental, but it is amusing to see the similarities. The stubble is probably the big similarity, but even the shape of the face looks similar. A live shot of the character does look a bit different, but the promotional picture above is close enough that it cracked me up.

I don't think Hamburglar will stick with Kap, but we might have to work on some kind of Hamburglar-esque nickname to trot out on occasion. In the meantime, 49ers players should keep a close eye on their hamburgers when Kap's around!