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Trent Baalke says 49ers, Justin Smith will talk Wednesday, Thursday about retirement decision

The San Francisco 49ers should have an answer in the next few days about the future of Justin Smith. Will he retire, or will he return for another year?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like a decision will be coming soon from Justin Smith regarding his potential retirement. San Francisco 49ers general manager made a rare offseason radio appearance on Tuesday, and he told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Smith will be in on Wednesday or Thursday to discuss his future. Baalke said the team hopes to have a better answer at that stage.

A week ago, Smith told Matt Barrows that he expected the media to know "in about three weeks or so" whether he would return in 2015. My guess is something will leak by the end of the week regarding his status. If it is just a meeting with Trent Baalke and Jim Tomsula, I suppose it is possible nothing leaks. But for now, I'd think we'll get a better handle on things by Thursday or Friday.

The 49ers have been waiting on this since the end of the regular season, and have made it clear they are fine giving Smith time and space to figure out his decision. If I had to make a prediction it would be that he retires, but nothing would really surprise me. Tomsula has said he has given Smith space, but maybe in a face-to-face meeting he pushes a little more for Smith to stay. Or he just lets him make up his mind with little input of his own other than a game plan for the season. There has been some talk of letting him open the season the NFI list, but Smith has also said he would not be a part-time player at the end of his career. We'll see soon!