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Terry Crews thinks Vernon Davis has serious flavor as an actor

I managed to end up on TMZ Sports's email distribution list, and that results in me getting a notification anytime a San Francisco 49ers player is mentioned at Normally this results in bad news, but once in a while we get randomly entertaining stuff. Over the weekend, that included a story about Colin Kaepernick at a club having a good time and giving some alcohol away because he doesn't drink while training. Really a non-story, but it is a plus to see something positive.

Earlier Tuesday, I got a heads-up about the above video. It features former NFL player and current actor Terry Crews being asked what NFL player he thinks can make the transition to Hollywood. He is quick to point out 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. Crews says that Davis has the kind of "flavor" to make the transition to an acting career.

This all comes a year removed from Vernon's involvement as "Captain Torpedo" in a short film that finished in the Top 10 of HBO's "Project Greenlight" competition. You can check out one of Vernon's scenes HERE. Make what you want of Crews's compliment about Vernon's acting prowess. I would not be surprised to see Vernon try and make his way into Hollywood after his NFL career, whether it be on television or in the movies.