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49ers undrafted free agents: Bonuses, salary guarantees

The San Francisco 49ers gave out six figures in guaranteed money to 49ers undrafted free agents. We take a look at the figures.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed their undrafted free agents to contracts last week, and we have a rundown of the guaranteed figures. The 49ers gave a mix of signing bonus money and guaranteed base salary, and Jason Hurley was able to compile a look at the combination. The numbers are unofficial at this point

Teams can sign UDFAs to three year contracts, and deals can be renegotiated after two years. Draft picks sign four year contracts and can be renegotiated after three years. UDFAs are generally signed t league minimum contracts, with a maximum allotment of signing bonus money for the entire group. This leaves teams needing to get creative to convince a player to join them, so teams have started to give more base salary guarantees along with signing bonuses. This effectively lets them skirt the bonus pool rules and give out more money to UDFAs.

There was a report last week that the 49ers gave out $160,000 in guaranteed money, and $105,000 to the wide receivers. These numbers come in a little short on that, but give us a good idea of where things stand.

WR Dres Anderson: $50,000 ($6K bonus, $44K base guarantee)
WR DeAndrew White: $32,000 ($7K bonus, $25K base guarantee)
QB Dylan Thompson: $20,000 (either 5/15 or 10/10)
S Jermaine Whitehead: $15,000 ($7,500 bonus, $7,500 base guarantee)
WR Isaac Blakeney: $10,000 - all bonus
LB Marcus Rush: $10,000 - all bonus
OT Patrick Miller: $5,000 - all bonus
WR Darius Davis: $3,000 - all bonus
WR DiAndre Campbell: $2,500 - all bonus