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NFL owners to vote on extra point proposals next week

Which of the three proposals do you like?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners are holding their annual May meetings next week, and HUGE changes could be in store. OK, maybe not HUGE. The owners will vote on three separate proposals related to extra points. The proposals will need a three-fourths majority (24 owners) to pass. The three proposals are as follows:

1. Ball placed at 15-yard line for 1-point kick; ball placed at 2-yard line for 2-point try (Patriots submission)

2. Ball placed at 15-yard line for 1-point kick; ball placed at 1-yard line for 2-point try; defense can score the points if it returns a turnover the other end zone on the 2-point try (Eagles submission)

3. Same as Eagles submission, but 2-point conversion from the 2-yard line (competition committee submission)

There has been chatter about changing extra points, and NFL owners have only increased their consideration of it. Three-fourths is a sizable majority, but I think they end up passing one of these. My guess is they pass option three. It is the competition committee recommendation, and it splits the difference between the Patriots and Eagles submission.

For those in the Bay Area, the meetings will be taking place in San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton next Tuesday and Wednesday. Gotta enjoy the good life!