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Colin Kaepernick to take part in Jim Harbaugh "QB Cage Match" training school

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is busy figuring out ways to promote Michigan to high school recruits, and this is certainly one way to do it. Harbaugh tweeted out the following promotion for something called the "A4 Elite Quarterback Training School".

Hyperbole of the picture aside, it would appear to be a basic quarterback camp, that just so happens to have some serious talent on hand. Colin Kaepernick will be on hand, along with Jay Cutler, Josh Johnson, Blaine Gabbert, Jameis Winston, Elvis Grbac, QB coach George Whitfield, and more. The fact that it is billed as a "QB Cage Match" only serves to further entertain me, and really seems like something Harbaugh would throw out there to promote this thing.

According to CBS Sports, the event is expected to take place on June 20. That is nine days after the 49ers mandatory minicamp wraps up the offseason workout program. Kap and Harbaugh were close, so it is not surprising that the former would help out the latter during his free time.