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How will Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter, Mike Davis fit in behind 49ers running back Carlos Hyde

The San Francisco 49ers have significant depth at running back. How will that depth shake out by season's end?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers head into the 2015 season with six running backs on the roster. The group includes Carlos Hyde, Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter, Kendall Gaskins, and rookies Jarryd Hayne and Mike Davis, with plenty of competition on the horizon.

I think the general consensus is that Hyde will be the team's starting running back this season. We are likely to see a significant rotation complementing Hyde. While that likely means fewer touches for Hyde than Frank Gore had through much of his career, I still think he ends up leading the team in touches.

With that in mind, I wanted to see how people perceive the three running backs most likely to make the roster. Gaskins is likely working for a practice squad spot, and Hayne is competing for work as a return man as well. Either could very well make the roster, but they have longer odds of impacting the running back depth chart.

And so, that leaves us with Reggie Bush, Kendall Hunter, and rookie Mike Davis. I don't know that all three make the roster, but it would not be surprising to see all three of them behind Carlos Hyde. My guess is Bush is primarily involved in the passing game, with a small amount of running mixed in to keep teams on their toes. Hunter and Davis will compete for the work that will offset Hyde, but also mix in some of the third down work we might see from Bush. That will certainly be something to track when preseason action gets started.

And so, it is time for a poll. The poll below asks you to rank Bush, Hunter and Davis in order of who will finish with the most touches (rushes + receptions). If you're convinced one or more of them will finish with more touches than Hyde, you're welcome to mention that in the comments. But for purposes of this poll, we are just looking at those three running backs. And if you think only two of the three will make the roster, rank the player you think gets cut last.