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Jerry Rice doesn't have a problem taking a polygraph for stickum use...I think

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As if the New England Patriots controversy could not get any more absurd, we might as well bring Jerry Rice into the mix. Back in January, there was a video about the evolution of gloves in football. In the video, Jerry Rice admitted to using stickum at one point in his career. Here is the quick segment where he admits to using stickum.

Back in February, Rice made a comment about the Patriots deflating footballs, and since then, Patriots fans have jumped on him for these stickum comments. Back in February, he tweeted this out:

For some reason, Friday morning he tweeted this out:

Any time I mention deflate-gate and make fun of the Patriots, their fans are quick to bring up Rice and stickum. When we got into Montana vs. Brady discussion, this led to the greatest bad tweet I will ever receive. I don't think anybody can top this for absurd idiocy.

I am not entirely sure where Rice was going with his most recent tweet. He said he was never investigated for stickum, and mistakenly used the word. Then he said he has no problem taking a polygraph. I don't really know what exactly any of that means. He said everybody did it, and others have said everybody did it back in the day. I don't know what exactly Rice would be answering in the polygraph, and I'm not entirely sure if he knows.

All of this cheating chatter is entertaining me at this point. As I've said before, I'd certainly prefer nobody cheated, but it's safe to say some forms of cheating are around, and we know cheating has existed in most sports for a long time. Hearing people get defensive about cheating even though it is definitely happening just makes me crack up at this point.