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49ers draft pick Arik Armstead signs rookie contract

The San Francisco 49ers have locked up their full rookie class. The team announced the signing of first round pick Arik Armstead to a four-year contract.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers officially locked up their final draft pick on Friday, signing defensive lineman Arik Armstead to a four-year contract. The 49ers made Armstead their first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft after a trade down from No. 15 to No. 17. Armstead's deal includes a fifth year option, which the 49ers can exercise after his third season.

The 49ers announced their other nine draft pick signings on Monday afternoon. Armstead had not previously signed because of the rules regarding his arrival at camp. NFL rookies cannot become full-time participants at their team's camp until they have finished up the finals period at their respective school. Oregon is on the quarter system, which means their finals do not take place until early June. While the other rookies could come out on Monday, Armstead had to wait until Friday. He can take part in this weekend's minicamp, but he has to then leave the facility until finals wrap up in Eugene. He will likely be back for some part of the team's mandatory minicamp, although I am not certain about that.

Armstead will get to work through the playbook and get his strength and conditioning program further figured out. I have to imagine the team and Armstead worked out a plan when he was in town May 1 for his formal introduction. They knew he would be unavailable much of the next month, so I imagine he has had a plan in place. They can check in with him this weekend and get him prepped for his own work the next few weeks.