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Golden Nuggets: NN doesn't want Lance Briggs, trust me

Saturday, May 16. 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Minicamp is still going on and the 49ers finally have their first round pick under contract. Arik Armstead signed yesterday and my man crush officially commences. But seriously, If you think I'm insufferable about Armstead, you better hope they don't sign Lance Briggs. Armstead  merely went to nearby Pleasant Grove High School while I went to Elk Grove. Lance Briggs actually went to Elk Grove as well. The level at which I idolize Lance Briggs might only be rivaled by Steve Young, Jerry Rice and TO. Wearing my objective fan hat, I can admit that he hasn't been good in a couple years and might not even play if he signs here. But dammit, I can dream right? You guys are just lucky I wasn't writing here when Kenny Wiggins was on the practice squad. Every other day would have been an open letter to Jed, Trent, or Jim Harbaugh, demanding they promote and start him.

Is there any hope at all that Justin Smith returns? I honestly haven't been following his situation aside from reading headlines. Even if he returns, his workload will undoubtedly be severely reduced. Vic Fangio is an excellent defensive coordinator, but his approach to rotations was maddening. He relied too heavily on veteran players and seemed hell bent on playing them as much as he could. It has been a couple years since Tank Carradine was drafted and we still have no idea what we have. Most teams could probably conclude that a guy that doesn't play is a bust but I don't think we can in this situation. If there is one area that  I think (hope) the Mangenius will be an improvement, it is defensive rotations. To the links!

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