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Video of Charles Haley working with Aldon Smith and Tank Carradine

It's not a lot of video, but there's something about it I could watch over and over again.

The San Francisco 49ers had Hall of Famer Charles Haley in town on Friday, and he had a chance to do some work with Aldon Smith and Tank Carradine. Cam Inman got some video of the work, which I'm sure some folks would enjoy seeing. It is a short video, but it is still pretty awesome seeing an all-time great working with the 49ers young pass rushers.

We know Aldon Smith can get to the quarterback with relative ease, but it is always helpful to figure out another move or two. He got quarterback pressures last year, but struggled to close the deal. That was not nearly a problem in 2012, so ideally he can find some consistency in how to finish things off.

Tank Carradine came out of college with a strong scouting report on his athleticism and strength, but his experience was the primary negative. Getting on the field will get him the experience he needs, but getting some tips from one of the most feared pass rushers of all time is probably a good thing. He needs to execute on the field, but it is great to see him getting a chance to learn from one of the best. And of course, it's pretty great that one of the best is taking time to teach the young pass rushers.

Fooch's update: Rookie OLB Eli Harold spoke about what he saw and heard when Charles Haley was talking to Aldon and Tank

On seeing Charles Haley working with players:

Harold: You know, he's a Hall of Famer, and I feel Aldon has all the intangibles to be a future Hall of Famer. So I'm just trying to learn everything I can from him, just picking up little key words that Charles was saying. I can't really remember a lot, but just seeing what they were doing, I could repeat that, but I don't remember the exact words.

On whether it was "graduate level" instruction, pretty technical:

Harold: Oh yea, it was things I've never seen or heard before. I feel like it will definitely help me out a lot in the future. It was definitely advanced things.

Weight and balance type things?

Harold: Yea, he was talking about balance and target, where to keep your eyes and head level. Things like that.

How great is this: Hall of Famer Charles Haley working with #49ers Aldon Smith on technique

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