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49ers rookie media day: Trenton Brown, Blake Bell, Mike Davis transcripts

The San Francisco 49ers introduced their rookie class to the media on the Friday before rookie minicamp. We've got a full transcript from Trenton Brown, Blake Bell and Mike Davis.

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off their rookie minicamp Saturday morning, but Friday they introduced the rookies to the media. Arik Armstead was the only one absent as he was signing his contract, and of course had been previously introduced in a May 1 press conference. The other nine rookies met answered questions from the media, and started to give us some insight into their first days as members of the 49ers. You can watch the whole press conference HERE.

They were introduced in groups of three, so I am breaking this down into transcripts for each group. We continue with offensive lineman Trenton Brown, tight end Blake Bell and running back Mike Davis.

First impressions for Davis:

Davis: Today was great, actually. I enjoyed being here, being around all these guys, veterans. Just seeing how hard they work, it makes you want to push yourself. It's been a great couple of days.

Familiar faces for Davis:

Davis: Yea, it helps, it doesn't make you home-sick, I guess seeing guys like Busta and Bruce and Dylan in the locker room and practice. Just working with these guys. I'd say it's great having those guys around.

On if he thought he'd be good fit with 49ers during draft process:

Davis: Actually, I didn't look at anyone's offense to say "I fit in here." My thing is just wherever I went I wanted to do the best that I can.

To Bell on tight end group:

Bell: It's honestly a great group of guys. I've been in a lot of rooms throughout playing quarterback, tight end or wherever it's been, and been in some good rooms. But this has honestly been one of the best I've been in. All the guys have been real...helping with everything, teaching me stuff on the field. Vernon today took me through different routes and kind of just how he does it and kinda how he sees it. He'd watch me and tell me correct stuff. Yea, they've all been great help, and I'm excited to keep moving forward and learning.

On Bell's throwing arm:

Bell: You know, they ask me jokingly when I got here, "Can you still throw?" I said you never know. I can throw a little bit. It's been a while

On later minicamp and if they are fresher:

Brown: To be honest, it didn't matter when it started, I'm just happy to be here. I just been enjoying the whole week, the workouts have been great. Getting to know the new guys, I know a few from playing against them and from other visits and stuff. It's been a great couple of days.

On coaches, medical staff being cautious thus far:

Brown: Yea, one of my ex-teammates, I saw that. They been taking care of this, the best they can, I feel like.

To Brown, on being a tackle:

Brown: Yes sir, I've been playing right tackle.

To Davis on Hayne making conversion:

Davis: Of course Jarryd looks like a football player. I'll tell you one thing, he's a great person. He'll help you out with anything that he could. He's been playing rugby for nine years, he told me since he was 18. So of course he looks like a football player.

To Bell on tight end conversion, and how it went for him:

Bell: Well, it was one of those things that going back and making the switch to tight end, obviously I had goals and stuff, but I was taking it one step at a time, too. Obviously I had to compete in the tight end position room at Oklahoma, too, and so after I started working on that, and getting to start and getting to play, it took me a while, it took games to figure it out. Each and every game I played I felt like I was getting better and better. But yea, I'm just happy to be here. It's one of those things where, if you get an opportunity to play in the NFL, it's a dream of mine since I've been very young. Like I said, I've gotten that dream, I've had the dream, and it's coming true. So now I just have to keep working and keep fighting and try and make it a reality.

To Bell, on when he felt he could make it at the next level at tight end:

Bell: It was my mindset all along. Guys that play Division 1 football, in the back of your mind, that's a dream come true for a lot of people. But yea, it was one of those things, as I kept playing and as the year went on, it was like, "alright, it's getting better and better." Transferring from quarterback to tight end, it's pretty different.

On how Bell feels size-wise:

Bell: Yea, I want to get bigger, for sure. I don't think I'm anywhere where I want to be right now. But just this week, in lifting over there with the strength and conditioning staff, I know they're going to get us right. I look forward to keep working.

To Davis, on getting asked all the questions at media practice session:

Davis: Yea, I was the guinea pig.

Best questions asked:

Davis: The person right next to me (Bell), he asked me a good question. But other than that, I don't think I got any good questions (laughter).

To Bell on what question he asked:

Bell: What did I ask, Mike? Something about what was the first thing were you gonna buy?

Davis: He asked me about how would I be able to handle the life of an NFL player, and stuff like that.

Bell: He had a good answer

On if media has asked him a decent question today:

Davis: Of course!

On how he'll handle NFL life:

Davis: I've got a lot of guys around me, a lot of great guys around me. I've never been the type to go out and do anything crazy anyway. Just being around these guys, there wouldn't be anything anyone outside would be able to influence me to do anything crazy.

Sounds like you rehearsed that answer:

Davis: Yea, that's not the answer I gave yesterday.

On talking to family about switch to TE:

Bell: Actually, that's funny. A lot of people get it confused, but my uncle played D end, my dad actually played tight end. When I brought it up to him, he thought it was a really good idea. We looked around and you got about a week to make your decision after that bowl game. I just came to the conclusion I wanted to finish my college career at Oklahoma, stick it out with the guys I came in with. I didn't want to play quarterback anymore, so I switched to tight end. I think it was a good decision for me.

On why he did not want to play QB anymore:

Bell: Like I said, there's a lot of things I was going through, but one of them was that I wanted to stay there. I thought we could do something special, and like I said, I've been with those guys for four years, and I wanted to finish that last year. I'd played receiver before in high school, said, "hey, I've got the size for it." Sounded fun, and just, I did it.

To Brown on weight and whether he'll continue to lose weight:

Brown: Yes sir, as soon as I got here off the plane, we immediately started to get a nutrition plan together for me. Continue to eat healthy, and the work out plan here is great. Just gonna continue this healthy lifestyle.

On 49ers cafeteria and if he was exposed to that before:

Brown: Not really, it's so easy to eat healthy here, there's so many healthy options in there. Everything is healthy for the most part, besides the carbs. It's been great since I been here.

On what else he's implementing with that:

Brown: Extra work after practices.