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49ers rookie media day: Ian Silberman, DeAndre Smelter, Busta Anderson transcripts

The San Francisco 49ers introduced their rookie class to the media on the Friday before rookie minicamp. We've got a full transcript from Ian Silberman, DeAndre Smelter and Busta Anderson.

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off their rookie minicamp Saturday morning, but Friday they introduced the rookies to the media. Arik Armstead was the only one absent as he was signing his contract, and of course had been previously introduced in a May 1 press conference. The other nine rookies met answered questions from the media, and started to give us some insight into their first days as members of the 49ers. You can watch the whole press conference HERE.

They were introduced in groups of three, so I am breaking this down into transcripts for each group. We wrap up with offensive lineman Ian Silberman, wide receiver DeAndre Smelter and tight end Busta Anderson.

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To Smelter, on his rehab and work schedule (was catching some passes):

Smelter: Right now I'm just doing whatever they tell me to do. I'm just taking stuff day-by-day. Been working in the weight room, doing a little bit of rehab stuff. I'm not able to be out there practicing with the guys right now, so I'm just trying to catch as many balls as possible.

Where he's at in rehab:

Smelter: I'm running, but doing no cutting right now. As far as everything else goes, I'll know more a little bit down the road. I'm just doing whatever they tell me to do.

On meeting other ACL players:

Smelter: I haven't gotten a chance to talk to that many people because right now everybody's pretty much just learning and trying to get used to things. But I'm sure down the road I'll be able to.

On rookie rapport thus far:

Anderson: Yes, I think we have a good group of rookies that came in this year. A few of us got to know each other up at the Combine a few months ago. So I thought, knowing some guys I met up at the Combine, and coming to San Francisco with me and the other guys, I thought it worked out pretty well.

To Silberman, position he is working:

Silberman: I've been primarily working at guard. That's where they want me to work at right now.

Preference on which side:

Silberman: I feel comfortable at both.

On acclimating to new environment and offensive line:

Silberman: I feel like I have acclimated well, and the coaches are doing a good job of teaching us and bringing us along with the offense. I feel like the acclimation process is great.

To Smelter on touring the museum:

Smelter: There's definitely a lot history behind their franchise. Being able to sit through the movie and being able to walk through the museum, just seeing great players that played and came up through this organization. It really reflects on how great the organization is.

Anderson: When we went through the Hall of Fame, I thought it was really cool checking out all the statues. I sent some photos back to my folks back home. They thought it was pretty interesting.

Silberman: I thought it was interesting as well. Watching the video, I actually got chills. The players that have played here, that have done the things that they've done to make this organization what it is. Seeing it from top to bottom, seeing what this organization is about, it really humbles you, and brings you in to see what this place is about.

On what's stood out the most thus far:

Smelter: I mean, it's all so surreal to even think that, I'm pretty sure these guys are going to say the same, that we're here right now. It's just a blessing. Getting on the plane and traveling over, the whole process has been amazing.

On interaction Silberman has with former Florida teammate Trent Brown (before Silberman finished elsewhere):

Silberman: Trent and I were pretty close when we were at Florida. He came in from JuCo, we had to help him acclimate. We had to help him learn the offense. Being with Trent is good, he's a great person, he loves football, he loves everything that comes with it. He's a hard worker, that's really what you want in a teammate.

On Brown was smaller than what he used to be:

Silberman: I mean, he's about the same size from what I remember ... I mean he's been that big since I met him. Him losing 30 pounds, I don't know if he gained that while I was at Boston or what, but he looks the same exact person to me.

On whether he and Brown played on the same side of the line:

Silberman: At times we did. Primarily I was at left guard and he was at right tackle. And other times, I had to play right guard, and we were together. Not too often.

To Anderson on the sizable TE depth chart and picking the brains of veterans:

Anderson: I got a chance to talk to a little bit of everybody. We've got a great group here and I think it's going to be something good because everybody's working for a common goal. Also, everybody's competing as well, and I think with a group so deep, it provides more motivation for each player.

On Anderson hamstring:

Anderson: I've been participating in drills. I feel pretty good. I feel like I'll be ready to go this weekend.

On if hamstring injury hurt his draft stock:

Anderson: I would think so. Talking to some teams, talking to my agent, he said that when he talked to teams it was said that the injury stuff really, really hurt me as far as my draft stock.

On 40 time had he been able to run:

Anderson: I'm a 4.5 guy. I ran a 4.5 back in college, as far as we have stuff on the board with the numbers up there and everything. I think I have pretty good speed.

On matching up with linebackers down field:

Anderson: Yea, I like to stretch the field. We ran a lot of seams, and stuff like that with our tight ends because we had a good group of tight ends that were athletic and could create mismatches with linebackers.

On benefit of having Dylan Thompson joining the team:

Anderson: Yea, it was crazy because obviously me, Mike, Bruce Ellington and Dylan are here now. It's like we just all got up and decided to get on the same team. It's kind of unreal having that many guys on the same team at the next level.

On Thompson being under the radar:

Anderson: I honestly did (expect him to get drafted). Dylan's a great guy. He's one of the guys, if I have anything going on with family, or anything outside of football, I go to him, I go to his family. We've built a close relationship over the past four years. Just being able to be here with him and also my other teammates, it's just a blessing.

When Smelter is moving out:

Smelter: Hopefully I'll get out here after we're done. Try to look for a spot, somewhere close around here.

On how he'll find a place:

Smelter: I'm just going to look toward my family. I mean they've gotten me this far.

On what he can pick up from Anquan Boldin:

Smelter: Just everything. How to play the game, how to be a professional, how to carry myself on and off the field. I feel like those are the things he can contribute to a lot of people's success.

On reaction to playing with Boldin:

Smelter: I mean it was great, because I can learn from someone who's played in the league for a very long time. Somebody with such high stature as him, it will be great to learn from.

On the high character guys at WR:

Smelter: Oh yes sir, they're definitely taking the time out to make us feel comfortable. It's a lot easier on you, especially you're coming in not knowing anybody, so it's good.

On being starstruck at all:

Anderson: Once you walk in the locker room, you see people you've watched over the years playing, so that was nice. As far as star struck, I'm the type of person that's even-keeled, level-headed, going about my business.

On approaching Kap and developing a relationship with him:

Anderson: I think first it is just making plays on the field. You've got to earn he respect of all these guys right here, and that's what we're trying to do.

To Silberman, on how he'll find a place and get acclimated to the area:

Silberman: When that time comes, I'll get around the right people. We have player engagement people who helps with that, and I have a couple friends that live in California, so they'll be able to point me in the right direction.