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Charles Haley to have Eddie DeBartolo introduce him for Pro Football Hall of Fame induction

Charles Haley spent a lot of time with both the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys over his career. While the Cowboys will be part of his weekend, it will be the former 49ers owner introducing Haley.

George Rose/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers will be well represented this August in Canton, Ohio when Charles Haley is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The former 49ers and Dallas Cowboys linebacker and defensive lineman will be introduced on his special day by Eddie DeBartolo, according to ESPN's Todd Archer.

Haley said he had wanted Bill Walsh to handle his induction prior to his death.

"I promised Bill Walsh before he died that I wanted him to present me and he called me like two days before he passed and he just followed my whole career. He was there for me and I could call him about anything. Hey, that was an easy thing for me to go with the 49ers."

When the Hall announcement was made, Haley said he was trying to decide between DeBartolo and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He told Archer that he had hoped to do some kind of combo thing given the value of his time with both the 49ers and Cowboys, but they would not let him. Haley made a good point about how we will see more and more future Hall of Famers that bounced between several teams. He seemed to hint that the Hall is considering alternatives for players with significant time on multiple teams.

While I would be happy to rub this in the face of Cowboys fans, clearly Haley takes his time with both teams seriously. He was at the 49ers rookie minicamp this week, but also spent the previous week. He said the Cowboys will still be involved, and that he has spoken with Jerry Jones about all this.