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Frank Gore said he was joking when he called out Vernon Davis on Instagram

It would appear so, although there could very well be some other context. If he is calling it out, this will certainly be something.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Fooch's update: Frank said he was playing around:

Well, this is certainly something. Earlier today, Vernon Davis posted a photo to Instagram in which he said he missed football. It got a lot of the usual comments, but then it got really crazy really quick. In case you are not aware, fg2132 is Frank Gore's Instagram handle. After Davis posted his picture, Gore said "Thts bullshit u don't love the game @vernondavis85".

It is entirely possible Gore is giving him some crap, but if not, this is certainly something else. It might not be the most shocking revelation given Vernon's focus on his brand, but it is interesting nonetheless. Gore is a guy who has focused almost exclusively on football. We don't really see him doing much in the way of endorsements or other off-field activities. That is not to begrudge Vernon Davis his opportunity to make whatever money he can, but if Gore is serious with his comment, it would make some sense.

Whatever the case, here are the Instagram post and a screenshot of Gore's comment. I saw it on Instagram on my phone, so I can confirm it is legit. Now we'll see if we get clarification on whether Gore was serious, or just busting his balls.

Vernon Davis post

Repost if you miss football season as much as I do. #NFL #49ers

A photo posted by Vernon Davis (@vernondavis85) on

Gore response