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2015 NFL Draft grades: Experts weigh in on 49ers' selections of Jaquiski Tartt, Eli Harold

The San Francisco 49ers are doing fine, according to multiple draft experts not named Pete Prisco.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Another day and another couple new players for the San Francisco 49ers. Adding to their 2015 NFL Draft haul which already included defensive lineman Arik Armstead, the 49ers stuck with the defensive side of the ball on Friday, adding Samford safety Jaquiski Tartt and Virginia outside linebacker Eli Harold.

Yesterday, I noted that the 49ers' selection of Armstead seemed to be mostly negative among fans of the team, just from what I saw on Twitter, but that the team graded out well around the Internet. Most liked Armstead's potential and thought that San Francisco was good place for him to realize his potential.

But how are folks feeling about the 49ers' Day 2 selections? To start, my own thoughts: these are great picks. I thought the selection of Armstead was fine, but I was a big fan of Tartt prior to the draft, and while I didn't watch much on Harold, when I heard his selection I did a double take because I knew he should have gone much sooner. I was covering the draft and I was still caught off guard by the fact that Harold was still around at No. 79 overall.

That said, if I'm giving the 49ers grades, I'm looking at why they didn't add anything to the offense. They're basically doubling down on Carlos Hyde, putting off the future of the wide receiver position until 2016, putting a lot of faith in Vernon Davis to bounce back and making a statement about the guard and center positions. We're past the point of getting starter-quality guys at those spots, at least for the immediate future.

For me, they'd be getting something like a "B-" for the first two days and that's built primarily on how much I like Tartt.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar was critical of the Armstead selection, giving the 49ers a "C-" following Day 1 of the draft, but after the additions of Tartt and Harold, he's given the 49ers a "B-" overall as well. He thinks the team is doing an effective job of rebuilding the defense, and isn't too worried about the lack of additions on the offensive side of the ball.

That said, not everyone loved these picks. Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gave the 49ers a 'C' for the selection of Tartt, saying that scouts had "mixed reviews on this kid," and questioned whether or not he can play "in the deep middle." It only got worse from there, as Prisco gave the Harold selection a 'D,' stating that he doesn't think he's "tough enough." You can't make this stuff up, folks.

After giving the 49ers an 'A' for the first day of the draft, gives them a 'B+' for Day 2 and a 'B+' overall. He notes that Tartt has "plenty of upside" as a safety, and that he will help "support the run." He also noted that Harold has "first-round talent."

What say you, dear reader? How are they doing after two days?